Zero1 Music

Out of the cacophony of the various genres and subgenres of electronic music rises a new voice in the Global Psychedelic Music Scene.


Zero One has been slowly assembling itself on the front-line of the cutting edge,  preparing for a head on assault upon stagnation and outmoded ideas.


A gleaming new label with a crystal clear vision and a singular focus: Upgrade the Psychedelic dance music genre.


We seek to provide a transparent and democratically run platform for our Artists, as well as delivering their freshest creations from their studios to the ear drums of the population.  A round table of talent and creative genius has been assembled to promote originality, to push through with ground breaking advances, and to cut away at the many shackles and chains of preconception.


In creating our roster we’ve managed to amass some of the most respected and innovative pioneers in the world’s psychedelic scene around, whilst also throwing in the cream of the latest emerging young troublemakers currently blasting the underground party scene worldwide.


All of our artists and DJ’s possess unhealthy obsessions with Massive sound-systems, obnoxious bass-lines and holophonic sound. From more than a hundred years of collective experience, we have meticulously fine-tuned a formula that will create a dance floor pulsating with a previously unattainable energy.


From the intrepid minds of our digital renegades comes Binary Code for your heart and soul.  Expect the unexpected, forget the way things were before.  Zero One Music is about to instigate mind bending changes in the status quo.


You might even call it a revolution.



GMS World Tour 2014

Ibiza based Dutch psy-trance duo GMS have a new video out featuring their psychedelic adventures around the world in 2014. Formed by Shajahan Matkin (also known as Riktam) and Joseph Quinteros (also known as Bansi) in the city of Amsterdam, the duo has attracted a large international fanbase.


Zero1 Live & DJ Sets